How to avoid name clashes during future extensions of the Nexus standard

The Problem

The current standard allows users to use any name they want for fields and groups within base classes. This can cause troubles for future extensions of the standard. Consider the simple case where a user has chosen a name for a field within a base class which is not used by the current standard. What will happen when the NIAC decides 3 years later that this name will be used for a new standard field in the same base class. This is in particular problematic if the new field has an entirely different semantics as the one the user had in mind when he created its own field.

There are three possible approaches to avoid this problem

Each of these approaches has its pros and cons which should be discussed in this article.

Question: I readily agree that there is a potential problem. But what does it tell us that we needed 20 years to discover it? MK

Prefixes for user defined names

The most obvious way would be to add a prefix to a field in order to distinguish standard- from user-defined fields. For instance we could require users to prefix their own fields with


so a user defined angle would have a name like



:* easy to implement – a paragraph in the documentation would suffice


:* it is virtually impossible to force users to stick to this convention

:* every field name must be parsed before we can tell whether it is a standard or a user defined field

:* users hardly ever read a manual that careful to recognize such a convention

Strong typing for fields

A type could be added to each field by adding an attribute like NX_class for groups. Indeed we could reuse NX_class for fields. Such an approach might makes names entirely arbitrary as we search for fields by type rather than by name (as we are doing it for groups).



Using of NXcollection

The third approach is to make more extensive use of NXcollection. Every field or group which is not defined by the standard will be stored in an instance of NXcollection.


:* like the prefix approach this is easy to do - just add a section in the documentation

:* no need to invent new concepts as NXcollection already exists

:* could use NXcollection as a kind of staging area for future class extensions


:* add an additional hierarchy to the Nexus tree

:* need to define standard name for instances of NXcollection to avoid future name clashes with the collection instance itself