The 2018 plenary NIAC meeting will take place in Brookhaven on the 25/26th October and is hosted by BNL/NSLS-II. There is not code camp planned this year. As usual the NIAC meeting is being held in conjunction with and proximity to the NOBUGS conference.

Topics for the NIAC meeting can be registered as issues in the NIAC repository on GitHub.


In order to keep things simple, please just send an email to Stuart Campbell ( stating that you wish to attend. Then please complete the Site Access instructions below. I will then update a list of attendees and their status at the bottom of this page.

Site Access

In order to gain entrance to the BNL site, all non-BNL personnel must register with the BNL Guest Information System (GIS). If you are already coming to the NOBUGS conference then you can just extend that registration to also cover the NIAC meeting. There is no need to do a separate registration.

Please use the following information to complete the GIS form for this conference:


The site cafeteria is about 10-15 minute walk away, so we will either eat there or arrange excursions to nearby restaurants. Bob Sweet has kindly offered to provide coffee and snacks for the breaks.


Name Affiliation Site Access Status
Stuart Campbell BNL Approved
Bob Sweet BNL Approved
Herbert Bernstein BNL Approved
Jiro Suzuki J-PARC  
Tobias Richter ESS Approved
Matt Clarke ESS  


25th Oct - Conference Room A, Bldg. 725 - All Day

26th Oct - Conference Room 156.3, Bldg. 741 - All Day

Outline Agenda