NXtranslate - the anything to NeXus converter

NXtranslate is an extensible console based tool that allows creating NeXus files from information stored in other places. The program works by parsing a translation file, which describes the structure of the resulting file, and libraries that understand different file formats, databases, etc. to retrieve information and put it into the resulting NeXus file. NXtranslate was designed with “plugins” in mind to read from new formats as needed.

If you have any questions/comments/bug reports email Peter Peterson <petersonpf@ornl.gov>. Also email if you wanted to be notified of test (alpha/beta) releases.

News: October 1, 2004 The NXtranslate web page is published. The current version of NXtranslate is v0.1.1. v0.2.0 is in progress and the can be obtain by mailing <petersonpf@ornl.gov>.

Downloads: Source The manual NXtranslate.pdf

NXtranslate-v0.1.1.tar.gz NXtranslate-v0.1.0.tar.gz


C++ compiler NeXus libraries ’ Installation:

Unix/Linux/Irix/MacOSX: Unpack the tarball, enter the directory and type make;make test;make install. The resulting binary, nxtranslate, will be in /usr/local/bin/.


Remove the file nxtranslate.

The installation process did not modify the registry or other system settings in any way. ’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do you mean by “anything to NeXus”?

A: Because NXtranslate is extensible it can get information from more places as new retrievers are written. Since there is no inherent limitation on what retrievers are written, the information can be from anything.