Storing Event Data

This discussion concerns a proposal from NIAC2008 to rename NXevent_data as NXtofevent_data. When this proposal was passed to the full committee, a number of issues were raised and it was decided that a further round of discussion was required.

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Listed below are some of the main reasons cited for and against:



PROPOSAL from Paul Kienzle regarding contents of NXevent_data

First note that either pulse_height or pulse_time is the wrong name.

The description of the pulse_height field is confusing. It refer to events_per_pulse, which has length j but it’s own index is of length i, so something is screwy.

I suggest renaming time_of_flight to event_time and pulse_time to frame_time and you have something that can be used either for continuous or pulsed sources.

The frame_time for continuous sources presumably refers to the time when the detector was turned on after moving the motors during a scan for multi-point scans. When scanning continously (a potentially useful measurement during alignment operations), the frame time would more likely refer to the pulses from the motor position detectors.


01/2015: There was no activity on this for a long time. There is a NXevent_data base class and both SNS and ISIS are writing data files using that base class. Please consult the documentation of the base class for the current state.