Telco 20150827


Thursday, 27th August, 8am PST, (5pm CEST, 4pm BST, 11am NY, 10am IL+TN)

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Present: MK, HJB, MB, PJ, TSR

HJB suggests recording these sessions via Hangout On Air. We’ll think about it.

Detector axes: Some progress made on ideas, but no example yet. TSR to report again next time.

Completeness of base classes: After some discussion the agreement is that application definitions have a higher value than base classes. Base classes capture the common cases and should not have to carry every domain specific field that might ever come up. There also is the procedural problem that proposing a new application definition might require a base class change first, if that was enforced by software (which would be the case for the code DLS is developing). Encoding this addition explicitly via some tag was rejected. Once application definition can add fields that changes the framework and matching the names to see what needs to be added is simple for software. TSR to contact Peter Chang and edit the manual where PC was mislead.

Technical problems and other commitments cut the meeting short. Next one is Telco 20150909