Telco 20160315


Wednesday, 15th March, 16:30 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: AB, PJ, MK, HJB, TSR, EW

Main Landing Page

RO is preparing something, no update today

Github Issues

Closed a few that on short inspection didn’t require any more more.

Recent work on updating copyright notices was welcome

Stale Branches: Identified some candidates for deletion and some that have valuable commits.

Eiger JSON Streaming Format

Eiger has three outputs: NeXus/HDF5, Monitor and Streaming (zeroMQ)

For the streaming the detector uses some JSON for metadata (plus binary blob). The JSON string labels are short without hierarchy.

After a discussion: There is nothing we can do to help their broken mapping. JSON could be fixed easily, but maybe for their needs that is good enough as well. Will pick up the discussion if there is input or a proposal from Dectris or another party interested to engage.


No testing reported - PJ was happy to hear about the tool though.

NAPI release

All releases downloadable from d.n.o/kits should be on github. Same is true for definitions. d.n.o/kits can go (redirect to github).

Debian: Eugen is planning to make progress some time this year.

Next meeting

Telco 20160329