Telco 20160712


Tuesday, 12th July, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: FAA, HJB, MK, AB, EW, TSR

Github Issue

Support for HDF5 1.10 in NAPI:

If the test run that should be good enough to merge. Release 4.4.2 can go out after that merge, without the changes to fix attribute arrays on HDF4 and XML in C++.

This adds support for reading SWMR files that are closed and VDS. This is great. Further support for these advanced features in writing data or reading while writing would require changes to the API and or how the library is used. For example in SMWR you cannot create new objects once in SWMR mode. Adding VDS support would be even harder. Eugen’s PNI library currently has support for neither.

So for the moment that will be the extend of 1.10 support we offer, for NAPI in maintenance mode - unless there are convincing cases presented by the community,

Preparations for NIAC and code camp

Not all able to attend the whole week.

Will need to elect new officers and re-confirm NIAC members. Letters of support need to be produced ahed of the meeting (September) for this.

Next Meeting

Bit of a summer break, due to leave. So the next one will be Telco 20160809