Telco 20161123


Wednesday, 23rd November, 16:30 Brussels Time

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Present: MK, HJB, EW, AF, AB, PJ, RO

Minutes from NIAC

Generally accepted with minor corrections. All action items should be understood and covered in tickets or already done.

Versioning is ongoing with good progress. A lot of the workflow will smooth out overtime and become clearer with use, we hope.

Github issues

Pull request accepted with minor changes.

NXDL contact attribute idea was rejected as detracting from proper forums like mailing lists and NIAC.

Unused attributes: ref and refindex seem to be unused indeed. They should be deprecated now. (and exercise in versioning as well.)

pixels as length

Not a great idea, but follows current practice at experiments. Should be accepted. Will figure out a way to allow that and what the proper unit name for pixels is.

Postponed Items

We ran out of time on:

They have been put on the next meetings’ agenda with some other items that came up.

Next Meeting

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