Telco 20171107


Tuesday, 7 November, 16:30 CET (+0100)

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Present: AB, EW, MB, MK, PJ, TSR

Report from HDF5 Workshop

Github Issues

Two old ones have been looked at now: NXlog has the time dataset changed from NX_INT to NX_NUMBER (was probably TSR’s editing error in the first place). And we decided some English language is required near the “data” dataset in Nxdetector to ensure people don’t think 4 dimensions are mandatory.

Two tickets have been generated by Ray and require further input from him. Mark B produces more example files for him to digest and will send link to Dawn source code that deal with axes for plotting. Validation shall already check for dimensions for _indices etc in NXdata. Maybe a feature to extract the information would help.

Next Meeting

Telco 20171128


Short meeting…