Telco 20180116


Tuesday, 16 January, 16:30 CET (+0100)

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Present: TSR, AB, EW, MK, PJ, RO

Apologies: Mark Basham, FAA


Some mixup with Hangout, session was split for the first 10 minutes.


Ray will edit and present next time. uncertainties should be perferred over the old _errors.


Action on all: Resolve all possible issues; at the next meeting advaocate then unresolved tickets that still should be part of the upcoming release. We still establish the target date then.

multiple signals, ESRF proposal

(This took quite some time, just noting down one strand of the exchange.)

PJ: Support for generic plotting is a main goal of NeXus.

RO: Adding multiple signals does not explain to a program what to do with that additional data.

MK: Could suggest features to solve this.

TSR: auxiliary_axes is a solved problem. Any number of axes are possible with _indices.

PJ: That could have been to use with the additional (auxillary) signal.

TSR: That would generate more problems (indices). Next action?

PJ: Ball in Armando’s court to provide examples.

Github issue of the day

Next meeting

Telco 20180130


Mark may mean this: But if that doesn’t satisfy his needs, bring it up next time (or on the mailing list).