Telco 20180403


Tuesday, 3 April, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: HJB, PJ, MK, AB, TSR


The proposed STEM structure is a promising early draft that required more detail. Some discussion of the proposed NeXus structure took place in the LiberTEM ticket system. We should aim to keep this in view of the NeXus community. TSR to send out a reply.

NXpdb to PDB converter

That is work in progress, existing as a branch in cbflib. Some discussion on the difference between NXcollection and NXpdb. The only common point is that both have no validation in NXDL. NXpdb, however, has a full validation route, all content is standardised (outside of NXDL) and can be consumed by analysis software. None of that is true for NXcollection content. We have two different base classes to make the distinction as clear as possible.

Release Procedure

Was presented as linked above. Some edits were done to also tick boxes in the definitions ticket #597 for the new versioning scheme.

Not enough time was left to discuss the tickets going into the next milestone.

Next Meeting

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