Telco 20180905


Wednesday, 5 September, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: RO, PJ, TSR, MB

DOIs via Zenodo

The suggestion to create DOIs for definition releases was converted to a ticket. Seems like a good idea.

NIAC & NOBUGS Preparations

TSR to submit a state-of-the-union talk. Topics would be:

For the NIAC MB has two more topics than what is already registered as NIAC tickets:

New officers need to be elected.


The 2018.8 milestone release had no real improvements commited against it. We move all open and closed ticket to the next one (2019.1).

The NIAC can decide on priorties for the open tickets and establish a roadmap for NeXus for the slightly longer term.

Next Meeting

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