Telco 20200930


Wednesday, 30 September, 15:00 CEST (+0200)

Original Hangout Link:

We exceeded attendence limit and so switched to Zoom.





There were many people at the meeting, and we exceeded the 10 person limit for Google Hangouts. FA created a ZOOM link for the meeting. It was decided that future meetings would use ZOOM and FA would generate and circulate a meeting link for upcoming teleconferences. There is no poll for the next TC as we will next be meeting at the NIAC.

RB is current reviewing NeXus definitions as part of his software to generate a sample NeXus file from NXDL. As part of #800 he noticed that similar, but not always exactly the same, symbols were being used in definitions. After a discussion it was agreed that standardisation and consistent naming across definitions is a good idea and RB will collect together a proposal for discussion at the upcoming NIAC. HB asked that any changes could be phased in with the old names first deprecated before removal.

It was pointed out by MK that the code camp dates on one of the web pages is incorrect (it refers to the pre-covid dates). This was changed by BW during the meeting. Several new facility representatives introduced themselves: SB (European XFEL), LS (Extreme Light Infrastructure), MO (Soleil), WG (ORNL). Welcome to the NIAC.

PJ mentioned that GitHub will be changing the default branch from master to main for new repositories in October. They will be providing tools to enable renaming existing repositories do this later in the year so NIAC will revisit when these tools become available.

PJ mentioned that he has been approached regarding a NeXus ptychography format for reduced data and how best to describe e.g. beam centre x and y in NeXus. HB indicated that there are overlaps with NXmx and it would be good to have a common approach and terminology. It was agreed to discuss this at the NIAC/code camp. NIAC

PC offered to create ZOOM links for the NIAC

The first day may need to start in the afternoon to allow planning the remaining schedule to fit in with people’s timezones; however this does lose the first morning. It may be possible to do some of this time zone specific planning ahead of time. As a first step a deadline of next Wednesday (7/10) has been set for submitting items for discussion at NIAC to the NIAC repository on GitHub. All items should have a ticket in the NIAC repository to record the NIAC contribution and decision, if there is already an existing ticket for the actual work then a separate NIAC ticket should be created to reference the ticket in the other repository. PJ described how using a google spreadsheet was very helpful in keeping track of items at the code camp and that approach may be taken at the NIAC too.

Recording of the NIAC was discussed, but there may be GDPR or other privacy issues to consider, so recording of the NIAC was rejected. The ZOOM transcription system was tried and that may be useful for providing initial minutes, but would not be published as is.


All: create tickets for items at NIAC 2020 by next Wednesday (7/10)