NeXus Code Camp - March 2021

The 2021-1 NeXus Code Camp is scheduled for 2 days in March 2021: March 22 (Monday) - 23 (Tuesday). It will be an online meeting, copying the format of the 2020 Code Camp 2. A follow-up session will be held at 14:00 UTC on March 29 (Monday) in order to finish discussions.


The Code Camp is intended to be both an open help session for people to ask detailed questions and request specific help from core NeXus developers (e.g. writing an application definition or writing a NeXus file correctly) and to focus on developing the NeXus documentation and code.

If you have a topic you wish to discuss in the code camp, please mention it in a comment to this GitHub issue.

NeXus periodically convenes a Code Camp to develop NeXus software components through intense effort by small groups working on specific projects and tasks. Most of those attending the Code Camp session will already have a strong foundation and understanding in aspects of the NeXus software and come ready with knowledge, tools, and ideas to make significant progress during the event. If you don’t feel confident in your current level of knowledge about NeXus, you can contribute by reading the documentation and pointing out errors and inconsistencies while you are learning. Contributing new or improved images for the documentation is also helpful.

(For more info on code camps, try searching Google for “code camp” or “codeathon”. Events such as the EPICS Codeathon would be reasonable templates for this NeXus code camp.)


Registration for the NIAC and code camp is not required.

Video Conference details

We will be using Zoom (Please mute microphone when not speaking), you can test your connection prior to a meeting

Zoom links for each sessions are posted on the sessions table below.

It is possible to join sessions by telephone - please email if you wish to do this and we will send you a link to the phone numbers.


Session times

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