NeXus Code Camp - January 2020 -- Topics


Gather and prioritize issues to be resolved at the 2020 NeXus Code Camp.

Topics and Prioritizations

All topics should be proposed as issues. Assign issues to relevant GitHub milestone for release process. Post link to each issue here, as shown below.

priority topic link
tba NXDL release 2020.1 definitions #693
tba Clarify how beam_center_x and beam_center_y are used definitions PR#682
tba consider publishing docs in GitHub pages definitions #663
tba update Sphinx config definitions #659
tba NIAC has decided about how to report errors/uncertainties definitions #634 PR#685
tba Suggested improvements to the NXdata base class definition definitions PR#602
tba can NXscan be extended to include 1-D data? definitions #563
tba add “uncertainties” attribute to fieldType in nxdl.xsd definitions #532
tba datarules.rst contains information on 2014 discussions definitions #541
tba Recording time-stamped data definitions #503
tba more prominently document existing scheme for uncertainties definitions #370