NIAC Decisions regarding Documentation

This section records NIAC decisions on the topic of NeXus documentation, WWW-site and such.

NIAC 2003: Until an appropriate format can be determined, instrument definitions and base classes will be stored in metaDTD format.

NIAC 2004: Decision to use NeXus meta-DTD instead of XML schema for base classes and instrument definitions

NIAC 2005: The documenation will consist of five documents: 1. Technical Reference - describes the metaDTD, base classes and definitions 2. NeXus API Reference 3. User Reference 4. Plan to testing and releasing the NeXus API 5. Example files and code

NIAC 2006: Move the entrire NeXus WWW-site to MediaWiki

NIAC 2006: move to and a new WWW-service, abandon european NeXus mirror at and original site at Argonne.

NIAC 2007: Separate repository for base classes and definitions

NIAC 2007: Move to subversion from CVS

NIAC 2007: Move NeXus mailing lists from to

NIAC 2007HMI: Redirect WWW-server to

NIAC 2007HMI: Move metaDTD to schema: NeXus 3.0 will be schema based

NIAC 2008: move to application rather then instrument definitions

NIAC 2008: docbook as the primary format for the NeXus manual. Everything else to be generated from this master

NIAC 2008: wiki to be kept as discussion forum

NIAC 2008??: somewhere after NIAC 2008 the decision was taken to move to NXDL and nxvalidate.

NIAC 2010: Documentation to go under the GNU FDL, example code under the LGPL licence

NIAC 2012??: obviously we decided in some stage to provide the documentation in Restructured Text and use sphinx for generating documents. This, however, I either missed or was not properly recorded.