Telco 20150506


Wednesday, 6th April, 12:00 BST

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Present: HJB, MB, MK, EW, PJ, TSR

CMake for definition is homing in. Not all of it working yet, but progress is continuously being made.

CMake for code and hence a NAPI release still pending.

Recent bug reported on reading string arrays with getSlab is confirmed. No volunteer to fix for now.

Action to make contact with detector developers is still not complete. Hopefully more at the next meeting.

NXmx: Herbert is fixing memory leaks in cbflib. Dectris is aware of progress and cooperative.
Users and beamline staff will be pivotal to success of NXmx. HDF5 might be seen as an impediment to stream images for live feedback. We need to get the message out that things can be done properly without sacrificing the standard.
:DLS voiced the request to make some fields in NXmx required that are now optional. We agreed to apply community pressure to encourage vendors and facilities to write as much useful metadata as possible, but not make required more than strictly necessary. The “features” exploratory project will make it easier to mark the presence or absence of additional information.

Mark B will come back with proposal for a minimum reliable value that may be needed in some cases.

Next meeting: Telco 20150520

AOB: PaNDaaS (as an informal project with no funding) has a NeXus work package between DESY, ESRF, DLS and ESS. Nothing has happened yet.