Telco 20150520


Wednesday, 20th May, 12:00 BST

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Present: EW, TSR, HJB, MK, MB, Andreas Foerster, PJ (second half)

Contacts with LCLS II for file formats made. Touch base Skype call arranged. Update at next Telco.

CMake: Good progress made by Eugen on Definitions. Removal of items agreed. However we do need a roadmap for providing a working validation tool. NXFeatures are on the way, but still experimental.

Discussion on foreign pull requests: It is great that we get work done for free. We need to be careful though about copyright (notices are intact).

NXmx: During code development at DLS question came up to clarify named items in nxdl. Handbook says maxOccurs is unbounded, which makes no sense for named items. Documentation will be improved (Mark B was volunteered). Followup question: What do we do for names of items that can have multiple instances? name_NNNN? Consensus was we mostly should not be fixing names in that case. A documentation proposal might be coming.

Andreas proposed a single angle increment value for goniometer axes that move during shutterless MX scans. Preference was to have a per frame value, with separate start_something and end_something. There was a proposal floating around in Diamond at one point. Mark B to dig out and forward to HJB, who will process that into a template proposal for Dectris. Will revisit next time.

For those Dectris templates: Can we have a IEEE NaN fill value for data that is to be provided outside of the detector later. Looks like we can. We’ll check.

Clarification: Detector origin is supposed to be the first pixel in the data. Needs to be documented prominently. Worth checking documentation for other omissions. Task for everyone.

Will discuss other items and relative paths for depends_on at the next meeting, which will be Telco 20150603