Telco 20150603


Wednesday, 3rd June, 12:00 BST

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Present: MK, MB Andreas Foerster, HJB, PJ, TSR, FA, EW, Graeme Winter

Initial problems with hangout not allowing people to join the first two participants under the old URL. New Hangout created.

Discussion on CMake: All look well now, except for the Windows build. That could be solved by using the cmake inbuilt make. Eugen has updated the ticket. In general small fixes can be done in master, larger possibly disruptive chunks of work should be merged by an independent person using a github pull request. This should be documented somewhere.

NXmx: Discussion on allowing beam_center in units of pixels, instead of official units of length. No real agreement why that would be necessary, but also not a strong opposition. shutterless scans: One start and either end or interval value would be required. Not more. Encoding could be done via naming, or attributes. No consensus for now. A proposal will be developed.

Moved remaining other items to next meeting.