Telco 20150630


Tuesday, 30th June, 12:00 BST

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   Fluo : NXdetector
       @signal = data
       @axes = (,,,energy)
       @energy_indices = (3)
           @interpretation = spectrum
           @units = keV


Present: HJB, EW, MK, MB, TSR

Axes for Detectors: All in favour. We should make this recommended at a next NIAC meeting.

napi release: Treat recent poll as priority list for new build system and provide incremental updates until no one objects to things missing.

Pull request 411: The placeholder is not independent of the “named” or “any” options. So this does not look like a full solution. With the removal of “placeholder” that completely fixes the current problem (Mark B to check with Peter C). Would like to check with Pete J, but then it looks reasonable.

Tickets: Not much progress. Do comment on every ticket looked at, if you think it is done or summarising outstanding items. Aim to close one per person over summer.

Next meeting: Telco 20150715