Telco 20151202


Wednesday, 2nd December, 17:00 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: FAA, HJB, EW, AB, TSR

Aaron mentioned some strong interest in file formats at SLAC recently and that he can dedicate some time for proof of concept work in relation to the CIF-NeXus concordance. Herbert agreed to work with him. If other help is needed Aaron will let us know.

It was agreed that there was no need to allow CVS axes in the newly defined axes attribute to groups. One of the design goals was to remove that source of trouble and not introduce more legacy. We’ll revert the change to the features repository and review the documentation to make that clear.

No representation from DLS. No report.

All happily acknowledged. There was a discussion on the various download pages. Github may be a place where we can offer binary packages in the future. EW will investigate. The goal should be that you cannot download an old version from a page under our influence without being informed that there is a new release out. So far only the mailing list knows and if you happen to find the tarball on gitub.

Is Telco 20151215