Telco 20151215


Tuesday, 15th December, 16:30 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: HJB, AB, FAA, EW, MK, TSR

First three agenda items require MB, skipping.

Other business: Lz4 bit shuffle oddities reported by HJB.

HJB will push to filter github repo when done testing.

The HDF Group is already advertising our filters repo on their mailing list.

NAPI release and downloads: Github download next to working.

Thanks go to Freddie and Stu for the Windows and RW build fixes.

EW will upload legacy NAPI binaries to github tomorrow, so we can remove Only useful stuff remaining there would be the definitions installers. TSR will contact PJ to migrate those to github or volunteer himself.

HJB: BNL will host MX workshop in May in collaboration with Dectris. EW is going. Other presence will be at ACA and ECM 2016.

Next meeting is: Telco 20160106