Telco 20160106


Wednesday, 6th January, 16:30 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: RO, HJB, TSR, MK


DLS reports and NAPI

no update due to lack of relevant people


discussion of status and purpose

alpha software, but ready for tests

running agains existing example files is outstanding

features update

internal tests for issuing feature ids have started

more on that hopefully next time

upcoming meetings

BNL/NSLSII meeting for Dectris/Eiger data processing, 26-28 May 2016

workshops at either ACA or ECM for general MX data


This year marks 20 years of NeXus. We’ll need to celebrate at the NIAC.

Github issues was discussed for electronic discussions. To initiate a discussion face to face or video appears to be required for the moment. We will however focus on resolving or at least discussing one github issue per telco.

Next meeting

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