Telco 20160120


Wednesday, 20th January, 16:30 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: EW, MK, AB (first half), Armando (second half), Ray Osborn, HJB, TSR


revised for the meeting


Herbert and Aaron are making some progress. Current files use absolute paths for external links, that could be discouraged.


Has 50 tests passing and is ready for testing by friendly users. Tickets to produce a validating tool are to be closed in code and definitions repositories and cnxvalidate has it’s own issue tracking.

issue of the day

version numbers for classes

While there is version number on the class definition files this is not used in the current infrastructure (and cannot easily be used). This should be discussed at the next NIAC.

There was also a discussion about a process to make simple editorial changes to classes or backward compatible additions. Consensus was that formal criteria enforced by a tool (like three votes on the issue tracker) would not be a good solution. For the moment we will do this by consensus in the telco and via pull requests to be accepted by a second person. Also to be discussed at the NIAC.

issues raised by Armando

There are two problems: subentries and NXdata.

NXdata appears to have some documentation problems which Ray will confirm and raise a ticket for.

Subentries are compatible with what Armando wants. Ray will send a summary of the discussion to the mailing list separately for a wider audience.

Next meeting

Eugen did not like Wednesdays: Telco 20160202