Telco 20160202


Tuesday, 2nd February, 16:30 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: AF, RO, MK, TSR, HJB, MB, AB, FA (first half hour)

Version in NeXus Definitions and Classes

There is currently no technical infrastructure in place to make version work in a way software developers would expect. For example git does not allow easy access to a version of a file that contains a particular version string. There are various ways to achieve this and people will think about this.

In any case having a Changelog document or section on top of each file would be a useful start in the right direction.

More thoughts and discussions needed.

Main Web Landing Page

The current content focusses on installation and documentation of the API, which is not the main thing we offer (any more). This could be changed easily.

There is a potential longer list of things to address and we can generate and discuss a list of desirable changes.

The possibility of using Wordpress was brought up, but it was felt that as a tool to serve a single page it would be a too heavy handled solution. Another possibility was to use Sphinx with a nice template and Ray and Pete will see if they want to make a suggestion.

Otherwise some CSS or other tools could be used to make this page look nicer.

sample contain proposal

DLS have made some edits to allow for more flexible handling sample containers in NXsample. ESS have made some changes to NXsample that sit in a branch to address sample components and atom sites (analogue to CIF) as well as fixing some crystallographic features. HJB suggested to implement both orthogonal and fractional atom sites. Changes at least to the documentation will be required to correct the description of orientation matrices vs UB matrices.

recording of scan intend

DLS think they might be able to address their use case with the _set demand values. Probably no change or addition needed.


After some licensing problems DLS are talking to the community and they appear happy to make the small changes required to make the current CXI format fully NeXus compliant. Further updates in due course, but no problems in sight.


No testers yet. Mark K is keen on feedback or bug reports.

Next meeting

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