Telco 20160412


Tuesday, 12th April, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

Hangout Link:



Present: AB, EW, FA, HJB, MK, TSR, RO



Github Issue

All agree those removed functions are not only for internal use and must be available to external code. Eugen will take care of that.

Lastest News

The page is a little under used and not even linked from the home page. If use does not pick up, we may drop it.

Dectris JSON

No show from Andreas this time. We hope for the next meeting.

Landing Page

No update. Ray will restart efforts.

Next Meeting

Will be Telco 20160426


Ray says there is interest in linking remote NeXus files to read trees and not all of the data. It’s not as simple as having a URL scheme for links (which we do), there also needs to be an API. He has that with remote python. HDF Group have something similar with a RESTful interface That may be a better bandwaogn to jump on.


They have lost of key members of staff. There is some concern about the future.