Telco 20160426


Tuesday, 26th April, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: AB, AF, EW, HJB, MK, MB, RO, TSR

Dectris Eiger Streaming Format

Andreas got up early in the US weat coast and fought admirably against a poor network link in order to provide us with an overview of the Eiger image streaming format. Information can be found here: This all looks good and allows good integration of a detector into local infrastructure. The main worry was that people could write the flat format to file and call this “NeXus light”. That will be addressed in the documentation.

Github Issues

The New Landing Page Project (TNLPP)

Some progress, but no demoable prototype. Ray will update at the Telco after the next

Competing standard

Compiled a rough list of imgCIF, CXI, Data Exchange, TIFF, EDF, plus things that are worse and more loosely defined.

This was to list them in a overview slide in a presentation on NeXus.

Research Projects

Dropped due to lack of time. Will attempt next time.

Next Meeting

Is Telco 20160512


None. (Out of time.)