Telco 20160510


Tuesday, 10th May, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: AF, MB, EW, MK, TSR, HJB, FAA, AB

Github Issues

Quite a list that we went through. Selection of activity below.

Missing obscure build features should be an option, not the default: #420 and #425

Support for HDF5 1.10 should be simple to add and we’ll make this happen shortly. They API flag was even used before, but may have been dropped. All could just work out of the box. (#421)

  1. 329 to be merged.
  1. 364 assigned.

Items for NIAC

Looked at

The idea is to prepare some topics in advance to make real progress.

While writing the minutes an Github issue repo has been created for the upcoming NIAC discussions, primed with the results of our collection of topics: To be reviewed.

Change to NXdata documentation

Apparently it has become practise by at least certain developers at a certain facility to just dump all data into NXdata. This is clearly not good practise, because the extra dataset are confusing and serve no purpose there. However the wording to prevent this is tricky to get right. Adding useful data should still be possible in order to be flexible and able to develop the standard. NXdata is no different from any other place in the file in that respect.

A general call for tidiness might be the right thing. We’ll work on a suggestion for the manual.

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