Telco 20160531


Tuesday, 31st May, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: HJB, MB, PJ, MK, EW, TSR, AB, ORNL (Mathieu and Steven)


Especially the ORNL!

Github Issues

NAPI release update

Could be done from master this week with the limited amount of changes that went in so far. The release with support for HDF 1.10 may be NAPI 4.5 anyway, due to the high number of changes.


To be merged. There is a low bar for accepting contributed definitions.

MB mentions that the use of NXshape in NXontainer may require revision. That is to be evaluated and presented at NIAC.

Items for NIAC

There is a repo for NIAC items. Please add thing that will need in depth discussions early so we can be prepared. We may assign items to people for preparation in later telcos.

CXI Compatibility

CXI uses a n by 3 array where NeXus is more flexible and allows multiple 1D arrays of length n. To be compatible with both standards for a smooth transition having the data both ways may a way. Doing that using HDF virtual dataset would save storing the data twice. As far as NXDL is concerned that data just needs to be provided twice, virtual dataset is transparent to our abstraction.

Class diagram

Very informative, might be too scary for newcomers. But we will try a nicer layout. It is a useful tool for us in any case. Could be in an advance section of the manual.

Next Meeting

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