Telco 20160824


Wednesday, 24th August, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: EW, HJB, TSR, MK, FAA, AB

Github and NAPI update

Nothing flagged. The longer running problem with the C++ API for the legacy backends is (mostly) resolved and Mantid would like an update release. Eugen will attempt to schedule that for next week,

NIAC Meeting Preparations

Mark has written a draft and welcomes feedback. It’s in the ticket for now, because Tobias forgot to give anyone write access to the NIAC repository. (Now fixed.)


THG has been in contact and we’re asking them to provide us an update on the current plans of THG at the upcoming code camp. Other topics are OpneMP support, filter repositories and status.

web site

No Ray, no update.


Meeting in Basel is on the 2nd at 9:00 in room 102. HJB is in charge of the sandwich supply.

RDA: There was a sort of survey by THG send round to RDA people on the use of “hdf5 in the wild”. Forwarded to the committee mailing list.

Next Meeting

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