Telco 20160907


Wednesday, 7th September, 16:30 Central European Summer Time (Copenhagen)

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Present: RO, HJB, EW, MK, TSR


Tobias was indeed late as the browser wouldn’t connect.


No flagged item. Deferred detailed ticket work to upcoming code camp.

NIAC and Code Camp Agenda

AB may have an issue to bring up with NXprocess. Could use some preparation. Will discuss more detailed proceeding in the next Telco.

NAPI update

Didn’t happen as planned. EW put it on the list for tomorrow.

Website Update

No progress.


Report from Basel

Dectris and their users have reaffirmed their commitment to NXmx. All looks promising. A recently published article by Dectris mentions storing data in some BioHDF format. That appears to be some editorial mistake. We’ve been promised some more information

HDF Group

No reply from the HDF group on participation in the code camp or NIAC.

NeXus remote object servers

Ray presented the concepts of his successful project to serve a sliceable NeXus file across the network. Useful in cases where you don’t want or need all the data locally. We discussed the relative merits of doing that at the NeXus level or in plain HDF5 and also how relevant the use case is to all science areas. There is also the competing idea that the data stays remote and the algorithm or visualisation is sent to the place holding the data. A further idea is to have persistent global identifiers to the data(sets), similar to external links. Across the network and curated like DOIs. We can discuss how much we as “NeXus” want to be part of defining such an infrastructure. Possibly at the NIAC or code camp.

Next meeting

Last meeting before the code camp: Telco 20160928