Telco 20170405


Wednesday, 5 April, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: AB, MK, HJB, PJ, TSR


Unfortunately NXdetector_mdoule is not consistent with NXdetector etc in that it does not use depends_on directly, but as an attribute to module_offset. That does not allow preserving all axis names. The desire was to have something the reflects the hierarchical nature of the CSPAD modules. At least TSR was reluctant to change the existing NXdetector_module for a non-functional improvement.

The situation will be explored further and a proposal will be created as a ticket, if needed.


All are in agreement that an NXPDB base class would we a good idea and we discussed ways in which we would not have to manually transcribe the definitions. HJB will bring in experts and raise a Github ticket.

Github Issues

All telco labelled issues in the definitions repo have been discussed briefly and the ones that could not be resolved immediately should all be very close to completion.

Stale Branches

We had 5. One became a pull request. One deletion. One is recording potential future changes to application definitions. Leaves two to look at at a later point.

Next Meeting

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