Telco 20170426


Wednesday, 26 April, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: HJB, AB, MK, TSR


Herbert will discuss at the ACA meeting 26th May (and the IUCr meeting in India). If there could be some idea of how we want to implement that, that would be good. Assigned to PJ, hoping he can have a look.


Some changes are required and at the moment some software error prevents progress. Should have a proposal ready in three weeks for the next meeting. Ideally we would have two example files. A “minimal change” and a “beautiful” version, both with output of cnxvalidate. For comparison we’d also look at Eiger files and runs of cnxvalidate with edited NXDL.

Github issues deferred. approved, but not yet merged. assigned to MK to add ub_matrix


NXcontainer discussion in github: We wait for DLS to decide what to do with their proposal. If they drop it, someone else might want to propose that instead.

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