Telco 20170517


Wednesday, 17 May, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: AB, HJB, MK, Michael Wharmby, TSR

Short meeting today.


ACA meeting is before the next meeting. Nothing has to be done before.


Michael stated his intentions with the proposal and that was met with encouragement and no objections. He will present a an example file (or a set of those) to illustrate the idea at the next Telco.


All work done and committed. MK will check the mailing list knows.


AB committed himself to preparing and updated version of NXreflections incorporating the input from the fruitful discussions we had at the NIAC meeting.

MK reports his long standing problem with the Java NAPI came from a missing close call and was made difficult to debug by the Eclipse platform. See posts on the mailing list.

Next Meeting

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