Telco 20170607


Wednesday, 7 June, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: Clemens Weninger, AB, EW, MW, TSR


Clemens takes over from David Schneider at LCLS. We welcome him very much.

HDF5 filter repo

Most urgent problems:


No HJB, no report


Nice pull request created by AB. Discussed some documentation issues and technical improvement. Easy to get to a finished state soon, except maybe for the flags.


MW created a pull request in exampledata with files to illustrate the ideas, which have changed from the original proposal. We didn’t have time to look at them in detail. Will discuss next time.

Next Meeting

Telco 20170628


MW also has a pull request for NXstage, which is quite similar to NXtransformations. There was potential need identified for grouping certain instrument devices, but that may lead to slightly arbitrary grouping, based on personal preference. Depending on location, funciton, motion, etc. We’ll pick up the discussion next time again.