Telco 20170628


Wednesday, 28 June, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: AB, PJ, TSR, MB, MK, EW

Code Camp

PSI, DESY and DLS look into hosting somethign this year.

NOBUGS 2018 will be in the US, so having it in Europe again would be okay.

SWMR support

We want to encourage users to adopt HDF5 1.10 and hence using SWMR files as examples is fine. But files need to identify themselves as SWMR/HDF5-1.10 so users are not surprised by them not being readable using legacy libraries. README information would be nice, but the filename has a safer way of conveying that information.

Multiple Samples in one Measurement

Both ESS and LCLS raise that as a use case. AB will provide an example of how he would suggest to encode that.


After some discussion we agreed that having extra terms in the base class is a good solution, because many people many want to record information on individual blades. EW will make a proposal.

HDF5 filters

EW is making good progress on documenting the repo content and simplifying the build system. More to be see next time.

Github Issue of the day

DLS suggest moving the @target link attribute to the group level in order to find the source location of data linked to NXdata in an external HDF5 linking scenario. MB will produce an example file.

Next Meeting

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