Telco 20171004


Wednesday, 4 October, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: AB, HJB, MB, EW, TSR

Nested Detector Modules

AB asked about correct and best practise for having a hierarchy of NXdetector_modules. The current definition would expect them to be flat in the NXdetector and have the hierarchy represented in the geometry chain. While his current example file can be processed by DIALS, Aaron was happy to explore following the convention more. At the code camp we would aim to come to a conclusion whether we need to improve the base classes to make encoding the relationships tidier.

Timestamped Events

There have been some exchanges of example files recently, but we still don’t have clear documentation on how to align events in time. Again, we will have time and expertise at the code camp for this.


No issues were put forward to be raised there by the people attending that (EW & TSR).

Code Camp

Items for the agenda are collected on the wiki pages. MB has already update the list with the items above. EW cannot attend, but will have at least 10 people attending as of today.

Next Meeting

Will be from the Code Camp, summarising the output of that (if any): Telco 20171026