Telco 20180619


Tuesday, 19 June, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

Hangout Link:



Present: AB, HJB, TSR

NXpdb tools

PDB to NeXus works, going back still needs some effort. Done in CBFlib.


HJB offered to host the meetings in his living room.

There is a bit of a backlog of tasks to be worked on in NeXu (documentation and defintions). Code camps in the traditional sequence before a NIAC meeting end up preparing new things for the NIAC to decide. The small congregation today thought that having the NIAC meeting after NOBUGS and the code camp following that would put some more focus on implementing existing NIAC decisions.

TSR is in contact with SIC and will send out a proposal to the nexus committee mailing list, before fully publishing the event.

pixelated STEM

TSR still needs to update the proposal with NXtransformations instead of the NXpositioners. If someone wants to volunteer to do that earlier, they are welcome to.

Github issue

We’re still benefitting from the recent release and there are no marked issues to discuss.

Next Meeting

There are not many items on the telco agendas at the moment, other than preparing the NIAC. Summer is there with holiday so we skip forward a few weeks before we have the next meeting:

Telco 20180814