Telco 20180529


Tuesday, 29 May, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: PJ, TSR, AB, Dieter Weber

Celebrate the release

The release was a success. No problems were encountered. Thanks go to PJ.

Pixelated STEM

Interested parties had a productive Telco meeting earlier today. STEM community is implementing a file writing scheme that follows what was developed at the meeting.

There will be some adjustments as the suggested use of NXpositonier is not widely adopted in NeXus. NXtransformations work better for encoding the geometry. There are some open questions regarding scanning, which could be addressed with the new NXlog scheme or the standard scan rules.

Other areas of interest are default plots (NXdata), for which a solution exists, and OS level thumbnails which hopefully can be distributed soon. See:

Dieter will send out a new draft pixelated STEM file to the NeXus mailing list to gather feedback and develop a next iteration.


Still no update from the organisers on exact dates NOBUGS and related events. Making other arrangements is becoming more likely.

Next Meeting

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