Telco 20180515


Tuesday, 15 May, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: HJB, TSR, MK, PJ

Milestone and Github Issues

All is ready to go ahead with the release. We merged three final tickets in the meeting and PJ is doing the remaining manual steps probably today.

Ambitious plan for the next release was August. That way we have two releases a year and can get some known issues out of the way before the NIAC meeting. Release after that should be early next year, which allows time address new things that may come out of the NIAC.


Resent communications indicated that NOBUGS may not happen on the dates originally circulated. We do not rule out having the NIAC at either dates, but would like clarity soon. People at BNL have been contacted to help.

Next Meeting

Telco 20180529


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