Telco 20190207


Thursday, 7 February, 16:30 CET (+0100)

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Present: BW, MK, HJB, TM, SC, AM

Updates for NXmx and base classes

HJB and AM want the files written by the Eiger2 to include extra information that clashes with what is currently described by NXDL. Specifically, the “mask” field in NXdetector and NXmx is declared as type “boolean”, but a more complex bit mask is required. Further, what is preferred and what is deprecated needs to be clearly communicated. NXDL currently allows an application definition to list an item twice, but with “minoccur=1” attribute in each to indicate that only one of the options should be present. BW proposes that an extra attribute in the NXDL tag, e.g. “priority”, could take an integer value to indicate which version is preferred and perhaps a negative integer could indicate deprecation.

HJB and AM would like to promote discussion of possible solutions for now, but strongly desire the issue be settled before the summer conference season so that the decision can be clearly communicated.

P.S. The currentl published versions of NXmx and NXdetector both provide a “pixel_mask” field that takes a 32-bit pixel mask (and have for over 5 years), so this issue seems to be just about clearly communicating the “old way” vs “new way”.

Variant scheme

HJB wants an agreed way to update the value of a field (keeping track of previous values). MK pointed out the variant attribute that was decided in the 2014 NIAC, but not yet properly documented.

Telco meeting times

BW proposes that further meetings be held 1.5 hours earlier than the current meeting (3pm CET, instead of 4:30pm CET) so that TM and others in Japan can attend the meeting at 11pm local time. Those who are adversely affected (such as Californians who will have to observe the telco at 6am) are encouraged to provide comments.

BW agreed to organise the next telco using another poll, aiming for the beginning of March. Poll for March Telco