Telco 20190312


Tuesday, 12 March, 15:00 CET (+0100)

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Present: BW, MK, HJB, TM, AB

NeXus for FELs

AB reports that work has been progressing on implementing NeXus for single shot crystallography experiments at the European XFEL (and SwissFEL). While still a work-in-progress, the code has already had a first use in an experiment at the Europeean XFEL. HJB commented on an issue that a requirement for an extra geometry file wasn’t properly documented. AB noted that it is because of a shortcut (reusing existing code) that will be fixed soon.

Dectris NeXus

HJB and AB continue to work on improving the NeXus output of Dectris detectors.

Implementing NeXus at Spring8

TM reports that work is progressing at Spring8 for the implementation of NeXus at the beamlines.

BW to organise the next telco using another poll, aiming for the end of April. Poll for April Telco