Telco 20190424


Wednesday, 24 April, 15:00 CEST (+0200)

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Present: BW, MK, AB, PJ, HB, TM

Documentation glitch

All agree that proposal by AS is sensible and should be accepted. To be implemented by PJ.

Sparse containers

This is a bit special in that it is describing how a dataset is represented, while NeXus tends to concentrate on the physical meaning of datasets. It is, however, similar to NXlog and NXevent_data in this respect and so should definitely be considered. While we think it is probably best dealt with in HDF5, rather than NeXus, the HDF group need money for development and a NeXus solution might be better than the customised h5py code pointed to in the github issue. This idea should be further developed into a proposal for the NIAC.

Per-image pixel mask

All agree on the value of allowing multiple image masks for various use cases. BW would prefer using systematic naming in order to allow many masks, suggesting ‘pixel_mask_N’ (where N is an integer) for all masks beyond the first, which retains the ‘pixel_mask’ name. AB promised to work on the issue.

Underload for NXdetector

All agree it is a reasonable addition. AB to do the implementation.

New teleconferencing system

PJ is worried that Google Hangouts might disappear and suggests we consider alternative teleconferencing systems. Suggestions include:

Other Business

AB points out that the ALS is making a concerted effort (through Alexandr Hexemer) to implement NeXus at beamlines. There is interest in using NeXus/XML in order to avoid putting binary files into a database. PJ suggests considering NeXus/JSON, which is already being used by Dectris.

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