Telco 20190911


Wednesday, 11 September, 15:00 CEST (+0200)

Hangout Link:



Present: BW, TM, PJ, AB, SC


Release issues to be worked on before we make the next release:

AB points out that his recent changes to NXmx adds further detail to beam_center_x and beam_center_y than is present in NXdetector. BW responded that while it is not ideal to have diverging documentation, an application definition can make some deviations when needed.

Prune Stale Branches

Branches that are not ahead of master at all give no value and have now been deleted.

Code Camp

Maybe PJ can organise something at Argonne in mid-November. Otherwise we should organise a virtual event. We certainly should do plenty of cleaning up in github for the next release.

HDF5 Workshop

No further specific issues.

Other Business