Telco 20150203


Tuesday, 3rd Feb, 12:00 GMT

Hangout Link: (same link as last time, according to Google that should still work)


For discussion:

Avoid looking like any of these:

Something is evolving here:


EW, HJB, FA, MB, MK, PJ, TR, Stefan Brandstaetter

Good progress made. Herbert will gather the remaining change requests in a document and forward to Dectris. We will see an updated file in the near future after that.

Herbert also to propose specification for exact location of detector origin (tentative: centre of first pixel). This could be done in the documentation for the depends_pn in NXdetector.

No one going now. Might not be worth it for the moment.

NAPI release
EW and FA will have teleconference to investigate (procedure in general and cmake in particular) and report at next meeting.

Definitions versions
There is some confusion about what NAPI writes out as NeXus_version as root attribute, how definitions release versions integrate with NAPI releases (or don’t) and how to have backward compatibility when using versions on individual definitions. Further investigations on the best route forward required. Ticket opened.

EW offers to try and organise a code camp in Hamburg either end of Oct or end of Nov. The latter was preferred as Oct clashes with ICALEPCS

Next meeting: Telco 20150218 Invites sent out to nexus-tech, Hangout URL will stay the same