Telco 20150218


Wednesday, 18th Feb, 12:00 GMT

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Present: MB, MK, PJ, HJB, TSR

NXdetector origin and depends_on clarified. Herbert sent out an email to the discussion list: Depends_on point to the centre of any object unless otherwise specified. The most important (and only for the moment) “otherwise specified” case being NXdetector, where the depends_on locates the first pixel. The first one being the first one in the data. Otherwise there is some documentation missing or not sufficiently referenced in the manual describing the CIF geometry. To that end Ticket 273 is assigned to Tobias for now.

NAPI release, Code Camp & Logo: Not discussed due to lack of relevant people.

AOB: SNS representative elected, email will go out shortly. Use of application definitions should be surveyed more frequently, could come out of feature development.

Next meeting will be Telco 20150302