Telco 20150302


Monday, 2nd March, 12:00 GMT

Hangout Link: (the eternal link)


All images including Logo disappeared (for me?)

Editing painfully slow

For discussion:

Avoid looking like any of these:



Eugen will look into CMake for everything. NAPI may be release as Linux only using old build system, if required. We still need input from Freddie. Mark B to help with that.

Code Camp

Dates 16-18 Nov appear to agree with all. Thanks Eugen!

Letter to Detector Vendors

Draft is in repository, comments weclome

Herbert suggests meeting detector vendors at ACA meeting in Philadelphia in July. No one besides Herbert keen to go. Will check again next time.


Doodle poll or similar brought up as idea.

Flexible Tomo

Reply sent to KIT, pending response from there


Mark B showed a nice Jenkins test of beamline NeXus status at DLS using features. Code will be made available for others.

Next meeting

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