Telco 20151104


Wednesday, 4th November, 17:00 Central European Time (Copenhagen)

Hangout Link:



Present: EW, HJB, AB, MK, TSR, MB

Old hangout link did not work form some. The new one is:

Code Camp: We’ll have a Hangout form there on the first day to gauge interest in remote participation or contribution. On the Tuesday evening from 19.00 local time there is a C++ user group that Eugen invites to. English language version available. Other details are already on the code camp wiki page.

Sample Container proposal: By the sounds a new class of NXwindow or so carefully place in the file and instrument geometry would solve the problem. MB to detail proposal.

Scan Intend: Proposal in progress. More in due course.

Trigger time delay: Diagnostics fields for detector in preparation.

nD detectors: No problems raised. Ready for final inspection when documentation ready.

geometric shapes and operations: No update.

CXI: Some insane legal situation arose that prevents a report on the issue. Should be under control in 3-4 weeks.

CMake: Some progress. TSR raises need to get release out at the code camp no matter what. If we cannot do it there we have lost the ability to do a release. The code base is better than it was and that needs to go out. There may be stumbling blocks actually releasing binaries on the web pages. Some content still appears to be hand crafted by special individuals, but that may be under version control now. We will see.

AOB: cnxvalidate: Progress made, no actual tests are run. Oddities in NXDL were found (attributes can be defined two ways). Decision for the best home of nxvalidate (NAPI repo, definitions, it’s own) will be taken at the code camp. For now it moves into it’s own branch.

Next Telcos: Telco 20151116 (live from the code camp) and Telco 20151202 (regular one from the convenience of everyone’s own place)