Telco 20170220


Monday, 20th February, 16:30 Brussels Time

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Present: MK, MB, PJ, HJB, TSR, FAA, AB, RO


The Github Pages redesign was well received. Action on FAA and TSR to liaise on making this the replacement of the current wiki and main website.

NXMX update

EW sent in his approval. TSR would prefer not to change non-NXMX application definitions, as they have not asked for a change. This will be dropped. MK had some issues with the new wording to be clearer about what kind of length are allowed. He will edit this and MB will merge the pull request.

HDRMX meeting

HDRMX event in Lund - Herbert co-hosts, let him know if you want to join.

RDA and similar events

Ray would like to see some NeXus participation at one of the following events:

People will give it some good thought.


Next meeting

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