Telco 20170808


Tuesday, 8 August, 16:30 CEST (+0200)

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Present: HJB, TSR, MK


HJB created a branch. Because the PDB information is encoded in CIF the NeXus base class was named NXcif. The request was raised to rename it to NXpdb to avoid unnecessary confusion. This was completed during the conference call.

Dark Field

EW requested a dataset for storing dark frames. In extension to how NXmx has flatfield the suggestion would be to define darkfield. Since it is important and can be different to the main data acquisition HJB suggested also to define darkfield_exposure_time.

Code Camp

The invite has gone out (to -committee for now). Should be more widely distributed. Staying in the onsite accommodation wasn’t recommended. We’ll get in contact with MB.

Github Issue of the Day

The only issue marked “telco” was already discussed last time. Removed the label.

Next Meeting

That was it. Short meeting.

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